Boost Your Presence With Robust Social Media Management

Utilizing analytics and data gathered through extensive research, Codal creates digital products tailored to your customers, ensuring the finished solution caters to all user types.

What Exactly Is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management is a broader term covering the creation, scheduling, analysing, and engagement of content posted on social media platforms. With the strategic formulation of relevant content, based on detailed industry research, our specialists can craft a bespoke approach to reach your target audience, building brand awareness and fostering more organic engagement.

Why invest in Social Media Management?

Social media platforms host over 5 billion global users, making them prime spaces for promoting your brand. Each person is spending an average of more than 2.5 hours each day to review their feeds, meaning strategic management of your social profiles can lead to improved brand recognition, customer loyalty, and increased website traffic. By making data-driven decisions, your investment yields sustainable growth without leaving results to guesswork.

What Digiboost Do to Fly Higher Than the Rest

A Reputation Built on Success
Your business aspirations will ignite our strategies
Keeping pace with the latest digital marketing shifts
Direct, comprehensive evaluations of performance
Proven approaches guaranteeing an enviable ROI
Undeterred commitment to your campaign’s success

Multifaceted Social Media Management

We help you identify the most appropriate platform or combination of platforms for your social media presence, crafting a custom-built strategy to drive real results for your business.

Facebook Management

Facebook boasts an impressive reach of almost 22 million Australian users, providing a unique stage for businesses to develop their online communities. Effective management of your brand’s presence on Facebook through engaging content and meaningful interactions can rapidly bring your business aspirations to life.

Instagram Management

Instagram has drawn over 13.5 million active Australian users, thriving on a preference for visual storytelling. If your brand operates in an industry that hinges on striking imagery and video content, such as fashion, food, or travel, our meticulous management of your Instagram profile can create a captivating visual landscape that builds an enduring connection with your audience.

LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn has carved out its own spaces as the arena for B2B businesses and services aiming to foster professional interactions, cultivating over 12.5 million Australian users. With a balanced mix of thought-provoking, professionally relevant content, LinkedIn management can bolster your brand’s credibility, catalyse lead generation, and stimulate business development.

Looking For Plans And Pricing? Get A Preview Of Our Social Media Management Services

Your business, audience, and market is unique. From our more than 25 years in the industry (and as a Google Premier Partner), we’ve learned that PPC plans built around vs. forced to fit a business perform best. That’s why WebFX specializes in custom pay-per-click services. Learn more about what our customizable plans can include below:

Our Step-by-Step Social Media Management Process


Define Your Objectives

Our understanding of your business goals – whether that's heightened brand awareness, increased website traffic, or lead generation – will shape our strategic approach to your social media management.


Understand Your Audience

By taking the time to outline your desired target audience, we can craft and curate content that resonates, driving the success of your organic social campaigns.


Select Your Platforms

We help you choose the right social media platforms that align with your audience and objectives, each offering unique strengths.


Select Your Platforms

We help you choose the right social media platforms that align with your audience and objectives, each offering unique strengths.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media management involves overseeing and executing your brand’s presence on various social platforms. As a social media agency, we curate and create content, plan and schedule posts using a personalised content calendar, respond to user interactions, and periodically measure the performance of your campaigns. Our management practices focus on amplifying your brand awareness organically.
Choosing us as your marketing agency for social media ensures you benefit from strategic, data-driven decisions. We provide a comprehensive range of social media marketing services, from content creation to analytics. Our focus is to effectively communicate your brand’s story and values, increasing engagement, and driving growth.
A successful social media strategy starts with understanding your business goals and target audience. We then define key performance indicators, plan a content calendar for consistent social media postings, and decide on the ideal mix of content types. Our strategies ultimately aim to boost your organic presence and audience engagement across your social media channels.
Working with a social media marketing agency like ours ensures businesses have access to expert knowledge and tools that can significantly improve the performance of their campaigns. We stay abreast of emerging industry trends, algorithm changes, and best practices – all so you don’t have to! Our goal is to save you time and resources while delivering optimal results.
A marketing agency for social media can significantly enhance brand awareness by implementing well-structured, relevant, and optimised social media posts. We create engaging content that resonates with your target market and existing audience, schedule it for optimal times on the social media calendar, and actively engage with users to foster a sense of community and brand loyalty.
Regularly posting on social media is a key element in driving organic growth. It keeps your brand top-of-mind for your audience, encourages repeat engagement, and can increase your visibility through shares and comments. As part of our social media management service, we curate a mix of promotional, informational, and engaging content to fuel this organic growth.

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